Niagara Falls Bar at Club Mardi Gras

THE Niagara Falls Experience

Club Mardi Gras is one of the premiere bars and nightlife venues that Niagara has to offer. You'll never have a dull moment enjoying yourself surrounded by friendly faces of mixture of locals and tourists alike. Everyone is looking to enjoy some drinks at a Niagara Falls bar, or go further and get their dance on into the night.

THE Niagara Falls Bar

The bar itself at Club mardi Gras is always stocked with all of your favourite drinks. Beer, wine, spirits and liqueures alike, you'll always find something that satisfies your tastebuds. While you're at the bar either sitting or just squeezing in to get your drink, have a look at who's around you. Who will you meet? A sensuous group of ladies looking for dancing partners? A hottie who might end up giving you his phone number? You never know at the Club Mardi Gras Niagara Falls bar, where anything can happen and everyone has a great nignt.

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