Best Bottle Service in Niagara

Bottle Service is Not Available on New Year's Eve

Party even harder. Request Bottle Service and receive automatic line-by-pass and free club entry for everyone in your group. Each liquor bottle ordered includes 2 mixers. Red Bull is extra.


Russian Prince - - $150
Eristoff Premium Vodka - - $160
(Exclusive to Licensees & Club Mardi Gras)

Grey Goose - - $180


Bacardi - - $150

Whiskey & Scotch

Crown Royal - - $150
Johnnie Walker Red - - $180


Bombay Sapphire - - $150


Olmera Tequila - - $180


Remy Martin - - $180

Please note that requesting bottle service via the form on this page does not guarantee your bottle service; we will contact you back to confirm your booking. Bottle service may not be valid for special events or holidays including New Year's Eve. We reserve the right to cancel bottle service at any time for any reason. Please ensure that you have government issued photo identification ready when entering Club Mardi Gras.

Bottle Service in Niagara Falls

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