Why Niagara Falls Canada?

The lifelong debate of which side of the Niagara Falls is better - the Canadian or the US - is still valid and people can cite arguments (and pictures) in support of either one. But today, we’ll show you why you should visit the Niagara Falls, Canada rather than the New York side:

(1) The gorgeous panoramas

You can see both the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls from Canada and you can even get up to the brink of the Horseshoe Falls! Extremely well-situated, the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls offers some breath-taking views, unmatched to anything else.

(2) The hotels

You can stay in a hotel with a view of the Niagara Falls through your window: only in Canada! Observe the mesmerizing waterfall at any time of the day from your own room!

(3) The Niagara Falls floodlit

The Niagara Falls floodlit at night is best visible from the Canadian side. It usually occurs once the sky gets dark and lasts until midnight. And if you’re lucky enough to have a room with direct view of the Niagara Falls, you can observe the rich colors throughout the whole night!

(4) Easier walk

The path that leads to the waterfalls on the Canadian side is paved, which makes it easier to navigate for moms with strollers or disabled people. The sidewalk is also incredibly spacious, as well as accessible, so pretty much anyone can enjoy the spectacular views without too much effort.

The Canadian side of the Niagara Falls has so much to offer - from things you can do with your family, through exquisite views from your own window. The paved way up to the waterfall is definitely a perk, but perhaps the most important feature are the splendid panoramas you and your family can enjoy!

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