Niagara Falls Casinos and their Night Experiences

Niagara Falls is most definitely a beautiful tourist attraction that’s worth the visit. Whether you’re planning to go to the US or the Canadian side, you are guaranteed to have your days packed with various activities. But Niagara Falls tourist attractions don’t end with seeing the Falls - there are numerous night clubs, pubs and night experiences worth checking out.

Niagara Falls - both the Canadian and the US sides - are well-known for their casinos. On the Canadian side, there are two casinos both of which offer year-round entertainment. What’s interesting about the Niagara Falls Casinos is that they’re so much more than simply gaming halls (even though it’s definitely worth going there just for the slot machines). If you’re in the mood for some cultural experiences, such as seeing a play, the Niagara Falls can offer you some of the best theater and entertainment experiences.

Most of the casinos in Niagara Falls also offer fine and diverse cuisine that can suit even the most obscure tastes. If you find yourself hungry after you’ve played on the numerous slot machines or gaming tables, make sure to go treat yourself to a nice dinner and a couple of drinks (the legal drinking age in Canada is 19). Whether it would be a sophisticated wine tasting or a more casual cocktail night out, the Niagara Falls Casinos have something to offer to everyone. And if you don’t feel like returning to gambling after that, you can check one of the numerous comedy clubs, hosted in the casinos.

In fact, Niagara Falls Casinos serve as a one-stop place for any sort of entertainment you might be looking for. Apart from dining and bars, they also host live performances and events throughout the year - you can check these on their websites - and most of them even offer luxurious hotel rooms and spa centers. The Niagara Falls Casinos strive to serve even the ladies by providing an array of shops and boutiques.

And if you’re in the mood for some nightlife experiences, you can always go to a Niagara Falls Casino, instead of queuing at a club. The casinos have one of the finest lounges, offering sophisticated and luxurious escape from the busy everyday life and seasonal entertainment that will most certainly keep you occupied throughout the night. If you’re looking for a different nightlife experience, you can go to the wine club, hosted in one of the casinos on the Canadian side. Apart from a wonderful and diverse wine list, the place also offers live music events and serves as the area’s wine library, so it’s a definite must-go, if you’re a wine appreciator.

And, of course, you can always go for some exciting gambling. Niagara Falls Casinos are one of the largest and most remarkable gambling rooms in the country, offering a wide array of entertainment and gambling options. Open 24 hours a day, the casinos contain an impressive number of gambling tables, slot machines and off-track betting that is sure to keep you occupied and excited throughout the night. Try your luck with some Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘em, or any other game you fancy playing - there is surely a table catering to your preferences! And if you’re a newbie but still want to have the authentic gambling experience, make sure to ask around for some “Learn to Play” sessions. They’re usually offered every weekday and can help you grasp the basics of the games, as well as receive some tips from the pros.

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